Commemorating deacon transitions

Deacons —  May 22, 2014

Welcome new deacons into the order and honor those retiring with a tangible sign. GBHEM’s office of deacons and diaconal ministers offers the following opportunities:

  • Deacon pins: Order chairs, let us know how many deacons in your conference are being ordained this spring, and we will send you a deacon emblem to give them. Send a message to the UMC office of deacons and diaconal ministers.
  • The United Methodist Deacon book: this new volume by Rev. Margaret Ann Crain (a knowledgable interpreter of the order) is a great gift for anyone, but especially for those being commissioned. Contact the UMC office of deacons and diaconal ministers to purchase the book for only $10 per copy (orders of 10 or more are shipped free).
  • Joaquin Garcia Scholarships: Named for the deacon who led the GBHEM Section on Deacons and Diaconal Ministry until 2003, the scholarship will assist students enrolled full-time in graduate work toward deacon’s orders. Consider making a donation (or inviting your order to make a group contribution) in honor of retiring deacons, as a way to pass the mantle of leadership. Write checks to GBHEM Joaquin Garcia Scholarship Fund and mail to GBHEM, PO Box 340007, Nashville, TN 37203-0007.

Ordination ordinal

Be sure your conference is using the most up-to-date order of worship for ordination.



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