‘O God of All Creation’: A hymn for deacons

Deacons —  April 28, 2016

By Rev. William Weisser

I was asked by the North Carolina Conference deacons to write a hymn for our conference’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of the order of deacon in the United Methodist Church.

Rev. Dr. William Weisser

Rev. Dr. William Weisser

I first asked if there were any texts they wanted to use, for which I would just compose the music. However, there were really no texts that seemed appropriate . . . so I decided to pen my own text. I worked with the idea of the call of the deacon and tried to used language that seems to evolve thoughts of the call and role of the deacon in the United Methodist tradition.

The texts looks at the many areas in which deacons live out in their ministries. We decided to add the last, alternative stanza to honor ALL people in ministry–really, the idea of the priesthood of all believers.

I then composed the music. I originally wanted to have a refrain, but decided it was better to have separate stanzas. I even thought of combining stanzas to make a longer hymn, but it seemed that each stanza stood on its own merit.

I hope this new hymn can be of use to the deacons across the world (or perhaps become an entry into a new hymnal for the denomination!).

Rev. Dr. William J. Weisser was for over 35 years minister of music at Edenton Street United Methodist Church in downtown Raleigh, N.C. He has served as national president of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts in the early 1990s and as its interim executive director. On the conference level he served as president of his conference’s chapter of FUMMWA, on his conference Board of Ordained Ministry, and as chair of the Board of Worship for the annual conference. Since retirement in 2011, he has worked as an interim to help churches in the process of finding music leaders.

Download a copy of the hymn: OGodofAllCreationHymn. Be sure to retain the copyright line when printing or projecting or in public performance of this hymn.



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